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Signature Service Projects

Signature service project since 2014!

9/11 Memorial

This is a project where we honor the fallen heroes and victims of 9/11. Every flag that makes up the American flag has the names of the ones we lost on this day. You can find this near the Student Center every year!

Signature service project since 1975!


This has been a long-term project for the UA CKI club! In the past, members of the club put tea lights around the quad in December representing child illiteracy in the state of Alabama. We now raise money for WASH with our signature service project!

Tuscaloosa Kiwanis Pancake Day

Every year in March, UA CKI has the priveledge to help their sponsoring Tuscaloosa Kiwanis Club in their biggest fundraiser of the year! Pancake Day brings the most money to the Tuscaloosa Kiwanis Club and we love helping and visiting with the Tuscaloosa community during this event!

District Project

The Alabama District released a new project in July 2020, this project is Alabama CKI Tutoring Initiative. It is in collaboration with the Culvershouse College of Business at UA. Through this project, we will have the opportunity to tutor elementary kids for all different subjects! We are excited to take apart of this new project this year!

$2,231 Raised Since August 2019!


WASH UNICEF has been a long-time Circle K International project! WASH stands for Water And Sanitation Hygiene. Circle K International in partnership with this project for a few years and allows members to donate money to help improve water sanitation in Haiti. By donating to WASH will help provide new sanitation methods for better water in the area! To find out more about WASH and Circle K International’s partnership with UNICEF you can go to

Other Projects We Have Done!

Besides doing our three signature projects and working on the district and international project, our club does many other service events throughout the year! Any of our members can chair a project they feel passionate about throughout the year. Just contact our Vice President for more information!