Why We Love CKI

Lexie Stevens

Everyone is willing to help someone out; whether that be helping someone bring their groceries or giving the shoes on their very own feet (shoutout to Tana for that one). No task is too big or too small for us. We don’t back down from a challenge and take pride in the way that we change the world-together. We look for the odd man out and are striving to make sure that everyone has a place where they belong in our club. We want to make sure those who feel lost know that they are found within our ranks.

Ana Bankhead

CKI started as just another club, but has turned into a group of friends that have changed me for the better in all aspects.

Taylor DiCicco

In CKI, there is a place for everyone. From the variety of service projects, social gatherings, and key roles in the organization, CKI has so much to offer. What I love most about CKI is that you can take your acquired knowledge, skills, and experience with you everywhere you go.

Brendan Rosamond

I love UA CKI because we get to have an amazing impact in the Tuscaloosa community with the added bonus of fellowship!

Zumanah Kamal

I love CKI because while you’re giving back to your community you’re also making friendships that will last a lifetime.

Ashley Rosen

CKI is a home, a place for one to belong. That is something I find truly unique and special. I know whenver I am around members and friends in this club it will always be a great time because of the atmosphere!